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Is Now the Time to Save Some Money on Child Support or Property Division?

Boyd Family Law Dec. 29, 2021

During this time of Covid 19 pandemic causing so many lay offs, furloughs or job loss, if you are have been previously ordered to pay child support and you find your income reduced or eliminated for the time being, NOW is likely the time to ask the Court to REDUCE your Child Support.

Also, if you have found that staying with your spouse continuously the past two months has put a strain on your relationship and you are thinking it might be time to move on in another direction in your life, and particularly if you are the higher earning spouse, NOW is a good time to divide assets when stock market values are down or property values have gone down as well due to decreased demand or your income has been reduced.

I don’t mean to be insensitive but these are things you must consider. If you would like help, call my office and I’ll be glad to work with you.

Jon R. Boyd