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Tenacious in high-conflict, contested cases. Strong Fathers’ Rights advocate with strategic approach to hundreds of mediations, hearings and trials before judges and also significant jury trial experience.

Mr. Boyd is a partner and
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Boyd Family Law

Why Hire Boyd Family Law?

You put experience on your side when you work with me. I have over 40 years of experience in and out of the courtroom.

I Fight For Fathers

I fight for fathers in their divorce and custody cases because I know fathers are invaluable to their children's lives. I strive to get you the parenting time that fits your family so that you can be part of your children's lives and be there for the big—and the small—moments.

I Am Diligent

In family court, there are many moving parts. I stay on top of my clients' cases, giving them copies of all the court documents and providing excellent client service to guide them through the process. I work diligently for my clients to provide some peace of mind.z

You Stay Informed

I keep my clients up-to-date on a daily basis regarding their cases. I'm readily available for my clients to contact me and respond quickly to their queries. I work collaboratively with my clients. I respond to clients the same day in most cases.

40 Years of Experience
fort worth family law attorney

Our Practice Areas

I help clients in Fort Worth, Texas with divorce and child support issues. I also assist with alimony and spousal support within Dallas, Parker, Denton, and Collin counties.

Some Case Results

Some successful results showing how we defend your rights as a father.

Our Results Speak for Ourselves

Child Custody

I represented a father in one of the District Courts in Collin County where the Judge is well known for being “pro-Mom.” My client had recently come to learn that his wife, a stay-at-home mom, had been physically and emotionally abusing their children while he was away at work.

I filed a Protective Order, which then lead to having custody transferred to my client and allowed him to move the kids to his state.

Child Support

My Client, the Father, asked for the Court to order his two children to move back to Texas after their 3-year absence and residence in another state resulting when Mom legally moved them away.

The new Judge ruled in Dad’s favor and ordered the return of the boys to DFW, despite Mom and step-dad and the boys having lived in Washington at that point for almost three years.

Jon R. Boyd

Jon R. Boyd has been a successful Domestic Relations/Family Law attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over forty years.

fort worth family law attorney

His niche has been representing fathers and men in divorce and child-related issues, but he has also represented many women as well. Jon has focused his practice on family law litigation and has tried hundreds of contested final trials (including many jury trials), temporary hearings, enforcement hearings, modifications, and motions.

  • 90% of my clients are Men/Young/Gray/Fathers
  • I do represent Women on request
  • Typical clients’ ranges of income and occupations from Doctors, Attorneys, Commercial Pilots, Military Members, Executives, Upper and Middle Management, etc. to hourly wage workers whose parents help pay their fees.

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