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Father's Rights Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Fathers face a unique set of issues in the family court system. Whether you’re going through a child custody battle, visitation problems, or a child support dispute, you can count on fathers’ rights attorney Jon R. Boyd to tirelessly advocate for you.

Fathers’ Right Attorney in Fort Worth

It is well-known that family law and family courts are skewed against men. There’s no doubt about that. 

The prevailing belief has always been that children do better when they are with their mothers. A father’s job is reduced to paying child support and spending some time with the kids just about every weekend. You’d have to have a compelling cause for wanting a different arrangement.

If right now you’re in the thick of a contentious custody battle or want to play a more active role in your children’s development, you need to hire the best fathers’ rights lawyer you can find.

Why a Fathers’ Rights Lawyer?

Joint and shared custody agreements were usually frowned upon by the courts lately. It was decided it was not in the kid’s best interests since it denied them the right to have a secure home environment, which is essential for their development and upbringing.

It is relevant which state/region you live in. This determines if things have changed when speaking about fathers’ rights. Traditional gender roles, for example, are firmly embedded and interwoven into the structure of current cultural norms in numerous southern states.

Fathers struggle with an unfair justice system, as in certain rural countries from different states, no court would grant the father custody of the children. You’d have to provide evidence that the mother was failing horribly in her duty as a parent.

This is one of many reasons why you can benefit from an attorney practicing family law and dads’ parental rights.

Your rights as a father are important to me. All me to represent you.

Why Do I Need a Dads’ Rights Lawyer?

Fathers’ rights attorneys can guide you through the legal process, whether you’re trying to establish or dispute paternity, challenge your kid’s adoption, end your parental rights, or just alter child support or a visitation order. It may be in a father’s best interests to counsel with an attorney because the processes for exercising or terminating paternity rights can be complicated and entail confusing documentation and court proceedings and hearings.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fathers’ Right Advocacy Law Firms

When males are victims of domestic abuse, which affects one out of every seven men, they frequently lack resources to obtain the help they require.

Men are also disproportionately affected by issues like paternity fraud, putative father registries, and perpetual alimony. Firms like Boyd Family Law exist because their attorneys thoroughly understand the male perspective in family court matters. They can better articulate and portray their point of view as a result of this experience.

Boyd Family Law: Dedicated to Upholding Dads’ Rights

At Boyd Family Law, the lawyers are here to help you right away. Our law firm is committed to providing outstanding outcomes and will help you through each stage of the procedure. Please contact us for additional information. You can call the specified number for a free consultation as well.

How to Get the Best Fathers’ Right Attorney

You will need the assistance of a skilled family lawyer to resolve legal proceedings such as child custody, domestic violence, child abuse, or divorce. The experience of a family lawyer you select might significantly impact the outcome of your case. However, choosing a good family lawyer may be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the attributes of a good lawyer.

Qualities of a Good Fathers’ Right Lawyer

Integrity is essential and, maybe surprisingly, a requirement of any family lawyer you might choose. What exactly do we mean when we say “integrity”? A family law attorney should be open and honest with you about the advantages and disadvantages of your divorce case. 

Some family lawyers’ offices should have pom-poms. All they do is cheer you on for you to keep them. This is terrible behavior. If a family lawyer assures you that everything is fantastic, that you have nothing to worry about, and offers you promises that don’t seem right (simply using common sense), run the other way.

Diligence is also vital. From the minute you phone your lawyer, you can tell how diligent they are. Did the lawyer pick up the phone, or did you have to speak with a secretary? Did the lawyer spend time with you to discuss the concerns in great detail? Remember to consider these things. They’re a “taste” of the kind of diligence you may expect from them if you engage them.

What Does a Father’s Rights Lawyer Do?

The primary objective of current child custody legislation is to promote the child’s best interests. Joint custody law aims to achieve this goal by encouraging both parents to be fully engaged in their child’s life, among other things.

Problems with Father Rights in Texas’s Family Court System

The modern trend favoring joint child custody is based on two key assumptions: first of all, that parents will indeed be prepared to interact in raising their child regardless of whether they chose joint custody voluntarily, and second, that the harm to the child caused by any inter-parental conflict will be outweighed by the benefit of maintaining a parent-child relationship with the parents.

Responsibilities of a Father Rights Attorney

A family lawyer is responsible for any legal matters involving any member of the family. This steadfast and devoted family ally handles legal matters such as guardianship, child custody, divorce, and other similar matters. Attorneys in this field might work for a more prominent firm or run their own practice. When family disputes arise, attorneys in this field frequently act as mediators. 

A fathers’ rights attorney addresses different matters after a divorce or a legal separation: child abuse, child visitation rights, primary custody, adoption, annulment, alimony, or decisions relating to parental unfitness.

He makes sure that no parent should be denied access to his or her children.

Any type of urgent requirement that a family may have can be handled by a family lawyer. This saves time by preventing a family from racing to find a lawyer three minutes before a decision must be made or paperwork must be filed to a government agency or organization.

Do I Need a Fathers’ Rights Attorney?

One of the first decisions parents who are asking the court for child custody must make is whether to employ a lawyer or do it alone. Defending oneself may appear to be a cost-effective alternative, but it may also be a hazardous choice, particularly if your case is complex. 

People who represent themselves are responsible for learning the rules of child custody in their state, in addition to keeping track of deadlines, documentation, and crucial facts. The learning curve can be high, and getting your head around it might take a long time.

Why You Need a Fathers’ Right Lawyer for a Custody Case

There has always been a presumption that the courts will always give mom primary custody and give dad weekend custody. This is false because each case is different and requires careful analysis; nevertheless, if it can be demonstrated that the child’s best interests are served by remaining with the father rather than the mother, the court may rule in favor of the father.

Protecting Visitation Rights for Fathers in Texas

The majority of divorced fathers are denied full custody of their children. As a result of the decreased time spent with their children, they may find it challenging to retain their duties as parents. 

Skilled fathers’ rights attorneys inform fathers about their rights and advocate on their behalf to ask the courts for what they truly desire. The family court, on the other hand, frequently encourages parents to create arrangements that are in the best interests of the kid. When contact with one parent is denied, this can have significant repercussions for a child’s development.

Additional Qualities of a Good Fathers' Right Lawyer

Objectivity – Objectivity entails more than simply pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of your position. It also entails ensuring that the study of your case incorporates the family court’s real options. The greatest attorneys will recognize that the family court judge has “autonomy” over some matters, and that family law is rarely a black-and-white, clear-cut problem. 

Patience – Being direct and to the point is one thing. It’s another thing to let your emotions control you. You need a strong attorney-client relationship, and this is what we always adhere to at the Boyd Family Law firm.

Preparation skills – Your lawyer or legal team should have completed all of your documentation by the time you come into court. They should have also thoroughly evaluated each angle of your case. In your case, don’t overlook the necessity of document preparation. You might consider changing lawyers if you employ a lawyer who lets his or her secretary or paralegal perform all of the court paperwork work and does not even review it thoroughly to ensure it is correct, complete, and effectively argues your case.

Contact the Boyd Family Law firm today to find out why Boyd Family Law is the right law firm for you. Too often are fathers’ rights disregarded, but they are there, and they can make a big difference if you have the proper fathers’ rights attorney by your side! Call us today without hesitation. It’s time to speak up and protect what you value most!