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Enforcement / Modification of Prior Orders Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

In recent years, cohabitation—where a couple lives together without being married—has become increasingly common. While living together without the formalities of marriage might seem simpler, it can lead to complicated legal issues, especially when it comes to the division of property or responsibilities if the relationship ends. This is where cohabitation agreements come into play. This article explores what cohabitation agreements are, the rules governing them in Texas, when you might need one, and how the skilled attorneys at Boyd Family Law can help in drafting one.

What do you do if, after a court order has established your times of possession of your child, your ex refuses to let you exercise your visitation rights? You can and should ask the court to enforce the order. You ask the judge to punish the other parent for disobeying the order and denying your rights. You can also ask for, and will usually receive, make-up time for the time you were denied possession, plus attorney’s fees. Alternatively, enforcement actions may be filed against you if, for example, you fall behind on paying your court-ordered child support. In this economy, this can easily happen.

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