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Visitation Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Some parents will do anything to deny or limit the other parent’s ability to regularly visit and maintain a relationship with their children. What so many don’t realize is that the child is the one who will carry those burdens into adulthood. If more parents could see just how traumatic these battles are for their children, we’re confident a strong parenting plan would be sought instead of playing the typical “I’m a better parent” games that are common in divorce.

Most often, our clients are excellent parents who simply want as much time with their children as possible without necessarily “fighting for custody.” There are no ulterior motives, but just a sincere desire to co-parent their children. Whether you want more than the minimum amount of time in the standard possession order, whether the other parent is trying to restrict your access to your children or is insisting the visits are supervised, family law attorney Jon R. Boyd will fight to make sure you get the time with your children that you both deserve.

I will advocate for your rights as a parent.

Nothing is more reprehensible than selfish motives that work to keep a parent and child apart unless it is truly warranted because of abuse or neglect. In Texas, there is a standard guideline – known as the “Standard Possession Order”- for the non-primary custodial parent’s presumed minimum amount of visitation with the children. These standards are created primarily for the benefit of the children. In most instances, a divorce may have two adults who can no longer share a life together, but who do share children and who want nothing but the best for them. These are the cases that are less likely to have kids who feel as though they’re not a priority. Ultimately, isn’t that what every parent wants – to be sure his children know that they are top priority; that their happiness and well-being are more important than even the next battle with the other parent? The decisions we make today in a divorce that involves children will affect them far longer and in ways, we might not have anticipated. Isn’t the foundation of solid parenting built on the strength of Mom and Dad’s commitment to protecting their shared children?

While all of that sounds good, in the real world, there are those who do lose sight of those core priorities. This is where Jon R. Boyd can make a real difference for both his client and his client’s children. To learn more about your rights when it comes to Texas laws regarding child visitation, contact our office today.