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Child Support Attorney
in Fort Worth, Texas

Typically, Texas courts will decide child support based on legal guidelines; however, there are those times when circumstances require a different formula. In fact, many cases require looking past the guidelines. Fortunately, courts do have discretion in these circumstances and can take into consideration these additional factors. Many divorcing parents share a series of “What if” questions:

  • What if one child remains with the mother and another remains with his father?

  • Who pays for transportation, such as flights, when the children visit the other parent?

  • What if custody is split in a way that Mom has the kids fifty percent of the time and Dad has them the other fifty percent?

  • Who covers tuition?

  • What if one parent is deemed “high earner” and the calculations are more than the $7,500 monthly payment cap?

No two divorce and custody cases are the same. This makes it impossible for there to be broad and definitive legal guidelines in place. The Texas Family Code, instead, provides a foundation the courts can use in their decision-making process so that each case is determined according to its unique circumstances. Fort Worth family law attorney Jon R. Boyd is familiar with both Texas child support laws and the overwhelming emotions that are always a part of cases involving children. Divorce is difficult enough, but when there are child custody issues at stake, it becomes complex and quite personal.

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In our contemporary society, there are family circumstances that weren’t as common as recently as two decades ago. Part of that can be credited to the higher divorce rates that accompany multiple marriages, but we’re simply living in a different time than our parents and grandparents. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the number of children with developmental disabilities increased by 17.1 percent between 1996 and 2008. In that same time period, those with an ADHD diagnosis increased by 33 percent and the number of autism diagnoses increased by an astounding 289.5 percent. Clearly, the challenges families face as they go through a divorce are unlike any other in history.

The right legal advocate can make a big difference. Jon understands the intricacies of Texas Family Law, even when it comes to divorces that are anything but traditional. Whether your situation involves a special needs child who requires specific care, education and emotional resources or there are psychological considerations, he and his team are experienced and compassionate. As the father of an autistic son, Jon R. Boyd is personally familiar with the challenges and rewards of raising a unique child.

Not only that, but Jon also is the right choice in cases against the Attorney General and other child support collection agency cases—both those within Texas and in other states. Sometimes, there are circumstances that require a different approach. He knows how to find those solutions.

Parenting children and ensuring their health and happiness should always be as much a priority for both parents as it was the day they were born. If you’re facing a divorce, child custody case, or child support payment issues, contact our Texas child support attorney Jon R. Boyd today for a private consultation.