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Marital and Premarital Agreements Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Texas law provides for the signing of both marital and premarital (prenuptial) agreements. As one might expect, there are those instances where one future or current spouse finds it insulting; however, the practical reasons for doing so make sense. You may want to confirm separate property or provide that future earnings remain separate. There are times when a client wishes to separate or pre-divide any community property during the marriage.

Postnuptial agreements, while not necessarily rare, are considered a newer dynamic in family law matters. The goal of these types of contracts is to either put to rest an ongoing dispute or to help ensure any problems that do occur, an answer is already in place. Some see them as an insurance policy, of sorts, that can better protect the marriage.

There are those, however, that are insulted or feel it’s unrealistic and unfair for a spouse to make such a request. Jon R. Boyd has guided couples through these processes – either prenuptial or postnuptial agreements – and it understands the delicacy of such matters. Ideally, the couple has already worked through any issues prior to signing the documents; however, there are those instances when Jon can provide a more practical spin for couples who are then able to approach the reality without hurt feelings or damaged pride. Each couple is different, though and it’s often a slow dance – with just one partner leading. It’s been his experience that the absence of ulterior motives and an honest approach is necessary for a positive conclusion.

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Whatever your needs, Fort Worth family law attorney Jon R. Boyd can expertly guide you through the decision-making process and help you determine whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is right for you. He can draft one that will best suit your needs in a sensitive and legally responsible way that meets your objectives. We invite you to contact our office in Fort Worth for more information on these important legal documents that are now as much a part of our society as marriage licenses themselves.

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