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Interstate Jurisdiction of Custody Orders Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

In our mobile society, it is not uncommon for people to move from state to state or to divorce or obtain custody orders in one state and then move to another state(s). What happens if a dispute arises regarding custody, visitation, etc.? Which state makes the decision about these disputes (i.e. has jurisdiction)? The question of deciding which state has proper jurisdiction is vitally important. The type of outcome you receive will depend on which state decides your case. For example, child support and visitation laws vary widely from state to state. And, the validity of court orders depends on it.

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Although this is considered by many to be a complicated legal area and we find many attorneys and even judges frequently have problems understanding and correctly applying the law, attorney Jon R. Boyd has extensive experience with this issue and will work to make sure the proper court decides your case. For assistance with interstate jurisdiction cases, contact us now to schedule an initial consultation.