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Love Does Not Conquer All, Sad to Say

So you may have decided to file for divorce or your spouse may have filed for divorce against you. Perhaps you are already divorced but need to modify your decree. Or, maybe you have never been married to your child’s other parent and now the legal ramifications of the relationship of you and your child and ex must be sorted through. Your ex might be interfering with your relationship with your child or wanting to move far away. The Attorney General might be claiming you owe more support than you really do. You may be in a custody battle. Maybe there are unique needs or issues affecting your families, such as a child being autistic, having a special medical condition, or the like. Whatever your needs are Boyd Family Law office can help you. The Boyd Family Law office provides personalized, experienced and aggressive legal representation in Collin County and Northern Texas Counties, in all family law matters.

Jon is not only familiar with the law governing these issues, but he also draws upon a broad range of professional and personal experiences to help you deal with your situation. When you meet, Jon will carefully explain the law, advise you of your options, recommend strategy and tactics, and answer whatever questions you may have to assist you in making informed decisions in these difficult and important matters. Unlike many other attorneys who have a general practice and occasionally practice some family law cases or attorneys who may only handle agreed matters, Jon’s exclusive focus is not only on divorces but on every aspect of Family Law. Whether you are near my Fort Worth/Frisco office or are in nearby cities such as Prosper, Allen, McKinney, Lewisville, Addison, Richardson, Dallas, Frisco or West Fort Worth, or if you are in other areas of the Metroplex if you have questions or need assistance in any family law matter, contact or CALL our office now at (817) 338-4500 to schedule an initial consultation by whichever option you choose.

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Family Law

Family Law addresses subjects such as the dissolution of a marriage by divorce or annulment, with related issues of characterizing and division of assets and liabilities, spousal maintenance, family violence, and the like. Parties can also enter into Pre-marriage or Post marriage Agreements regarding how their property shall be characterized and divided, which a qualified attorney will carefully prepare.

Family Law also includes relationships when the parents of a child are not married or, married to each other. Paternity can also be unwittingly established if he signs a legal document called “Acknowledgement of Paternity” which creates the Parent-Child relationship even if not married to the mother. Questions involving Paternity can involve genetic testing, termination of rights, revocation of the Acknowledgement, establishing or abating child support, and defending against claims for retroactive support and child support arrearages.

Any suit involving children is referred to as a “Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship” and deals with issues such as custody, visitation, child support. residence restrictions, and modifications of same in the future.

I have almost 40 years of experience in Family and Probate law, with extensive family law trial experience before judges all over Texas and numerous juries. I have also settled many cases, whether by direct negotiation or mediation.