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Why Should I Hire a McKinney Father’s Rights Lawyer?

Boyd Family Law Dec. 29, 2021

If you are unhappily married, one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make is the decision to end your marriage. Deciding to pursue a divorce is a highly personal decision that only you can make for yourself. Of course, your spouse could also make the decision to end your marriage, in which case the decision is effectively made for you. Whether you make the decision, or your spouse, if divorce is imminent it is time to start thinking about protecting your rights and interests, particularly if there are minor children involved in the divorce. If you are a father, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a McKinney father’s rights lawyer to represent you in your divorce.

Divorce Basics in Texas

For the average person, deciding to file for divorce is not something that comes up suddenly. Most often, there has been discontent, or serious marital issues, for months, even years, before making the decision to call the marriage quits. The divorce process itself may be initiated by either spouse. The spouse who files the divorce is the “Petitioner” and the remaining spouse is the “Respondent.” The two spouses can discuss initiating the divorce proceedings ahead of time or one spouse can file without the other spouse’s knowledge. If, however, you are contemplating divorce, or you have reason to believe your spouse is, it is best to seek legal advice right away instead of waiting until the divorce has actually been filed. Once again, this is particularly important when you have minor children of the marriage.

Divorce and Minor Children

When the parents of a minor child decide to divorce, a number of issues relating to the child must be resolved during the divorce. The most important of those issues is who will serve as the child’s conservator. The conservator makes important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing and the child usually lives with him/her the majority of the time. You will also need to establish a possession and access schedule, calculate child support, and determine who will pay for things such as health insurance and extra-curricular activities.

Father’s and Divorce

There was a time, not all that long ago, when fathers were only expected to be interested in visitation with a child for one week-end a month post-divorce. A father pursing custody of a child in a divorce was typically relegated to situations where the mother was unfit. The good news is that those days are gone, from a legal standpoint. The bad news is that it can still be an uphill battle for a father to truly obtain equal rights to a child post-divorce, much less be awarded primary conservatorship of a child. Although the law in the State of Texas specifically prohibits a presumption in favor of the mother with regard to conservatorship – or anything else in the divorce – traditions can die hard. If you are a father who wishes to remain actively involved in your child’s life after your divorce, who wants to be the primary conservator of the child, or who simply wants to make sure his rights as a father are protected throughout the divorce process, you need a lawyer who understands your point of view. You need a father’s rights lawyer.

How Can a Mc Kinney Father’s Rights Lawyer Help Me During My Divorce?

As a father, you need lawyer who understands your point of view. You also need an attorney who is willing – and able – to fight to protect your rights throughout the divorce. A McKinney father’s rights lawyer is exactly what you need.

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