Dec 28, 2021

What You Should Know when Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Fort Worth

When either you or your spouse decides to end the marriage, the next thing that comes to your mind is whether or not you should hire a Fort Worth divorce attorney to help you out. In Texas, you are not required to have a lawyer when filing or responding to a divorce case. However, certain issues such as parental rights, property, and money can turn into risks in the future.

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Given the complex nature of divorce in Texas, it helps to have someone who can better explain all the possible options as well as your rights. There are good reasons for hiring a Fort Worth divorce attorney, and these include:

  • being threatened by a spouse
  • fearing for the safety of children
  • seeing that your spouse has hired a lawyer
  • needing alimony
  • possessing valuable property

Going through a divorce tends to bring out very strong emotions. Sometimes, these emotions get in the way of coming up with an agreeable settlement. Hiring a Fort Worth divorce attorney not only ensures that emotional flames are fanned; it also helps you get the answers you need with regards to issues such as property distribution and child support.

Get in touch with Boyd Family Law should you need assistance in filing for divorce.

The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd practice Family and Probate Law and has two offices located in Fort Worth and Fort Worth, Texas. We‘re happy to offer our services here and to the surrounding areas: Fort Worth, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Lewisville, Denton, The Colony, Little Elm, Carrollton, Richardson, Addison, Dallas or Fort Worth