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I Am Contemplating Divorce. What Should I Ask a Divorce Lawyer Near Me?

Boyd Family Law Dec. 26, 2021

If it appears that a divorce is in your future, you likely have a number of questions and concerns. Some of those are personal in nature wile others are about the legal process itself. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney is the best way to get answers to many of your questions. Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer Jon Boyd offers some guidance if you are wondering “what questions should I ask a divorce lawyer near me?”

Divorce Basics

Every person who goes through a divorce has a unique experience. In a perfect world, you and your spouse will keep things amicable and be able to reach an out of court settlement that resolves all the issues in your divorce. Unfortunately, the world is not always perfect which means your divorce could turn adversarial at any time. If it does, the divorce process will become costly, both in terms of time and money. Because it is impossible to know with certainty how your divorce will proceed, you should always consult with an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as you realize that your marriage is headed toward divorce.

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Knowing that you should consult with an attorney is important; however, if you have never been through a divorce, you probably do not know what questions you should ask during that initial consultation. Although you may have additional questions that are specific to your situation, the following questions should be asked by anyone contemplating a divorce:

  • How much experience do you have representing divorce clients? It is crucial to ask an attorney specifically about the experience they have with family law/divorce cases. Some attorneys practice in numerous different areas of the law while others tailor their practice to fewer practice areas. If you are getting a divorce, you want a to be represented by a lawyer who focuses all, or at least a significant portion of, his/her practice on divorce. If you have concerns about specific issues that you believe will arise in your divorce, do not hesitate to ask the attorney about his/her experience handling those issues.

  • Are there options available to help keep my divorce amicable? Although emotions can run high when divorce looms on the horizon, most people do not go into the divorce process wanting a contentious divorce. Some divorce attorneys, however, go into the process geared up for contentious litigation while others try to keep the process as simple and amicable as possible. If you want your divorce to remain civil, ask the attorney what options are available to help further that goal. For example, is mediation something the attorney recommends? Does he/she participate in collaborative law divorces?

  • Will I be working directly with you? The average person is shocked, and often offended, when they contact their attorney’s office and are connected to someone other than the attorney with whom they originally spoke. This is not unusual; however, it is something that should be discussed during your initial consultation. If your attorney has a junior partner or paralegal who fields day-to-day questions and concerns, you should be informed of that and should be introduced to them before deciding to retain that attorney.

  • What advice would you give me right now? This is an interesting way to get a feel for how a lawyer will approach your divorce. After providing some details about your situation, as the attorney what advice he/she has for you based on those details. Along with providing some insight into the attorney’s approach and style, you may also learn some important information that you can use during the period leading up to the initiation of your divorce.

  • What will my divorce cost? Unless you have an unlimited budget, asking how much your divorce will cost is an important question. In reality, the attorney may not be able to provide you with a direct answer because the ultimate cost of a divorce frequently depends on whether the parties are able to keep the divorce amicable or not. The more contentious a divorce is, the more both parties will usually pay in attorney fees. Nevertheless, you need to know how the attorney determines his/her fees and get an estimate on the cost.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer Near Me

If you are contemplating a Texas divorce, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Fort Worth divorce lawyer immediately to discuss your legal options. Contact an experienced Fort Worth divorce lawyer at Boyd Family Law to schedule your appointment today.