Dec 30, 2021

How You Can Help Your Fort Worth Father’s Rights Attorney Win Your Case

While any involvement in the legal system can be exhausting from an emotional standpoint, when that involvement is the result of a family law legal matter your emotions are often on overload. If you are a father who is embroiled in a family law legal matter, the odds are good that the outcome of the case will have a significant, and long-lasting, impact on you are your life. You undoubtedly want to do everything possible to ensure that you reach what you consider to be a successful conclusion of your case. With that in mind, you may wish to consider the following ways in which you can help your Fort Worth father’s rights attorney win your case.

Ways to Help Your Fort Worth Father’s Rights Attorney

Hopefully, you have already made the wise decision to retain the services of a Fort Worth father’s rights attorney to help you with your legal representation. Having an attorney on your side who truly understands your perspective is invaluable. Hiring the best lawyer father’s rights lawyer to represent you is certainly a step in the right direction; however, you can also contribute significantly to a successful outcome by doing and/or not doing certain things, including:

  • Being honest with your attorney. There is nothing that can turn a winning case into a losing one faster for an attorney than surprises. While attorneys are trained and prepared for the opposing party to try and spring surprises at the last minute, an attorney should not have to worry about his/her own client doing so. Always be honest with your attorney and answer questions completely. Remember that the attorney-client relationship is a confidential relationship, meaning anything you tell your attorney stays between you and your attorney.
  • Responding to requests in a timely manner. Throughout the life of your case your attorney may make requests of you. Those requests may be for additional information, copies of documents, or even in-person consultations. By responding in a timely manner your attorney can move your case toward a successful conclusion faster. Moreover, some of those requests may actually be time sensitive as far as the court and/or the law is concerned, meaning you could be damaging your own case by failing to respond in a timely manner.
  • Obeying court orders. Many of the issues involved in family law cases are highly personal and sensitive issues. As such, you may have very strong feelings about the current state of affairs or the standing court orders; however, you must obey those court orders unless, and until, your attorney is able to get the court to modify or terminate the orders.
  • Do not exacerbate the situation with the other party. The opposing party in a family law legal matter is often an ex-spouse, ex-partner, or a soon-to-be-ex. Not surprisingly, there is often a good deal of animosity between the parties. Do not make this any worse! Antagonizing the other party or intentionally exacerbating the situation will not make you look good to the judge.
  • Negotiate in good faith and with reasonable expectations. Ideally, your case will be settled through negotiations with the other party outside of the courtroom. Try and put aside any negative feelings you have for the other party and enter into negotiations in good faith. In addition, you need to set reasonable expectations for the outcome of the case. For example, it may be in everyone’s best interest to give a little in order to avoid a costly and time consuming trial.

By following these four tips aimed at helping your Fort Worth father’s rights attorney win your case you will stand a much better chance of reaching a successful conclusion to your case, thereby avoiding the need for protracted litigation.

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