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Do You Need a Family Law Attorney for Child Support?

Boyd Family Law Dec. 26, 2021

It is a cold, hard fact: at least 40% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. While younger couples nowadays are taking extra effort toward saving their marriage, some still end in divorce. A highly emotional and often turbulent process that affects children more than the husband and wife.

The law believes that child support is the fundamental right of a child, no matter the outcome of their parents’ relationship. And if you’re in the middle of a divorce and fighting for child support, you will need all the help you can get from a family law attorney.

A Family Law Attorney is Well-Versed in Helping their Clients:

Understand Child Support Better

Child support goes beyond setting regular payments. It can be a long and complicated process, especially if both parties don’t agree with each other.

Hiring a family law attorney can make things easier for you by helping you understand the premise of paying or demanding child support. You will get a clear explanation of what the guidelines for child support are and what you can do to modify them if there is a need to.

Make the Child Support Process Easier

Child support arrangements can take time because of everything that you and your ex-spouse need to agree on. And with emotions running high, you will need someone to help you make important decisions, whether you’re the custodial parent or the one paying for child support.

Since the court is very strict about the premise of family law to safeguard the rights of the child, it’s best to have an attorney by your side to help you through every step of this process and avoid mistakes that could lead to complications later on.

With Complicated Situations

Sometimes, child support starts out as a simple case. You and your ex-spouse agree on different terms and move on with your lives while still trying to be good parents to your child. But then, one of you suddenly wants to change your agreement or you find that your ex-spouse now wants to limit your custody to your child.

These situations will make the case more complicated where it makes more sense to hire a family law attorney than handle everything without any legal assistance.

File a Petition for Reduction of Payment

Although you and your ex-spouse may have already agreed on a certain amount for child support payments, there might be circumstances that would make it hard for you to keep up with those payments.

For instance, you may have increased expenses due to a serious medical condition or you lost your job due to a disability. When this happens, you might want to file for a petition to reduce your child support payment to a judge. With the help of an attorney, you can present your circumstances to a judge properly so they can decide if a reduction can be merited or not.

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