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The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd.Divorce Attorney in Plano/Frisco 

Welcome to the Law Office of Jon R. Boyd. I’m Jon R. Boyd. Give me three minutes of your timeyou’ll be glad you did.

Do you need a Family Law Attorney?

Unless you’re divorcing as a 19 year old with no kids and nothing but your car and your stuff, believe me, you need a lawyer.

Consider this: In America, one divorce happens every 13 seconds. This does not include the thousands of other family law cases which get filed every year such as child custody, paternity, child support, visitation disputes and marital property issues. Put another way, the divorce rate in Texas hovers at about 50% of first marriages, much higher for remarriages. Marriage can be hard. Some make it, many don’t, others don’t seem to want to. The truth is, life happens.

When your spouse first mentions the word “divorce,” a million thoughts race through your mind. You wonder:

  • Who’s going to get custody of the children?                                                                                                                                                                                          Marriage on a egg, broken
  • Will you be able to keep a significant role in your child’s life?
  • How will you be treated by the Court system?
  • Should you try to settle? or go to trial?
  • Will your financial assets be fairly distributed?
  • How will you financially care for yourself? Your children?
  • How will your children handle this change?
  • Should you represent yourself? Which attorney is best for you?

And, there are many other instances where you need a family law attorney besides divorce: Paternity. Changes to or modifications of your prior order. Termination and adoption. Child support issues. Custody. Visitation. Residence restrictions. Interstate Jurisdiction. Enforcement of orders. Marital and Co-Habitation Agreements.

How do you handle these issues? You need a family law attorney who can provide answers and advocacy.

I can answer all those questions, and more.  So if  you find yourself needing help answering these questions or needing Family Law assistance, call me.

Why You Should Hire The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd.:

–  We Fight for You and Protect Your Children

I find clients first and foremost want a lawyer whom they feel is fighting for them. When I am hired by clients who have had prior lawyers, most often the client tells me they switched lawyers because they didn’t get the feeling their former lawyer was fighting for them, plain and simple. Once those clients have had me on their side, however, they always remark what a change it was from the prior lawyer to someone like me.  They can see that I’m genuinely interested in their welfare and the welfare of their children. That’s what people want. That’s what I provide.

–  We Have a Straightforward, Honest Approach

These days, you will see and hear all sorts of advertisements on the web or in various media advertising with gimmicks, slogans and “come on’s” from various family law attorneys who advertise in this area. After all, it is a very competitive field. Some feel they need an edge. You’ll hear about “soft” divorce, “easy” divorce, “father’s rights”, “call the locksmith” and so on.  Some lawyers promise you a quick and easy settlement. Some brag that they are “very aggressive”, steering you toward litigation. It seems everyone has a “hook” of some sort.

But here’s an idea—how about plain old honesty? The honest truth is, there is no magic wand. No two cases are the same. Although there are common elements to most cases, every case, like every person, has it’s own personality. Some divorces and other family law disputes can be easy, sure. But some are difficult and hard. Sometimes very hard. There can be a multitude of motivations for cases being difficult – sometimes it is due to the hurt, fear and anger people feel; sometimes, the source of the dispute is financial; sometimes family members or friends or lovers cause the problem; sometimes it’s as simple as this—good people acting in good faith sometimes simply cannot agree. And, sometimes, it’s just for pure meanness. Usually, it’s some combination of some or all of these.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, whether you think you may have an agreement or whether you are in a high conflict, “war of the roses” case, you need a lawyer who is, first and foremost, honest with you.  A lawyer whom you can trust. A lawyer who will shoot straight with you about the law. About your facts. Your options. Your costs. So call me. I’ll shoot straight with you about your case and I’ll shoot straight with you about what it will cost you.

– Our Experience Can Help You

They say there is no substitute for experience.  They’re right.

My practice is limited to Family Law. It has been my focus and passion during my 35 year+ career thus far. It’s what I enjoy and what I’m very good at.  Hundreds if not thousands of cases (most contested), trials, hearings, mediations, and dozens of jury trials all over the Metroplex and across the State have formed the foundation and working knowledge of the law, the courts, the opposing lawyers and human nature which enable me to provide you top notch representation.  I use common sense as well as ‘book’ sense. I’m experienced and confident enough to be comfortable leading you whichever direction is best for you, whether that’s working toward settling your case as amicably as possible or trying your case in court. You’ll find that I excel at aiding clients like you and genuinely desire to provide you with a high level of personal service. And I’m someone who has the integrity not to gouge you or push you to take actions which aren’t best for you or your family. After all, going through this process, you need someone who believes in you, who wants to help and guide you, and who has the skill and ability to fight for you.

-We Combine Big-Firm Quality with Value-Priced Fees and Flexible Payment Plans

There are numerous, well known, reputable “big firm” Family Law firms with multiple attorneys on staff. They offer good quality and a team approach. But they also ‘offer’ very large retainers being required, high hourly rates, and billing for everything under the sun.

At the Law Office of Jon R. Boyd., your retainer is much smaller than those other firms, my hourly rate is lower than theirs, and we do not bill for such things as “air conditioning” or make you pay for gorgeous designed interiors.  With over 35 years experience, much of it against the “big firms”, you will get the quality you need for the price you can afford.

Not All “Family Law” Attorneys Are The Same

There are many attorneys saying they practice Family Law. Are there good family law attorneys out there? Of course. If you choose another good lawyer, I wish you the best.

But be very careful–many other lawyers and firms consider family law as just one of several areas of practice and only do family law to “pay the bills” while they handle other cases they enjoy more or consider more profitable. And, of the many divorce attorneys out there, there are quite a few who will handle only cases they can settle by limiting their practice only to collaborative law or mediation, and they’re unwilling and frankly not experienced or qualified enough to take your family law case to trial if that’s what your case needs. Still other family law attorneys’ practices are simply a ‘divorce mill’ of a large volume of uncontested, simple cases. Finally, most of the larger, reputable “D Magazine”  family law firms will have you meet with one of their senior or “name” lawyers, but then delegate your case to one of the junior attorneys whom you often have not even met.

That leaves lawyers like me.

When you hire the Law Office of Jon R. Boyd., here is the good news — I am a solo Attorney supported by paralegal and legal assistant. I will therefore personally handle your case from beginning to end with the aid of my paralegal and staff.  When we go to court, if we mediate the case, whatever is needed, I am the only attorney you will see.  I will personally and zealously fight for your interests if we go to the courthouse. When you choose the Law Office of Jon R. Boyd., you have our commitment to give you and your case the attention you need and it deserves.

-You Can Tell Our Clients Are Satisfied

Many of my former clients’ comments can be seen in the Testimonials section of this site. Here’s an example of what one of my clients recently said after his case was finished about having chosen me as his attorney —

“We’ll never be able to thank you enough for representing and winning this case for us. From the first time my wife went to your office to meet you, she told me ‘he’s the one’ and as usual, she was right.  Your confidence, professionalism, knowledge and experience made the decision so much easier. We appreciate you taking the time to go through this painful process with us and making it bearable.  Your knowledge and your assertive attitude gave us the sense of security we needed. Your patience to explain all the legal paperwork that came with our case, and the great advice you gave us so we could handle a difficult situation, are very much appreciated.”

Why did this client, as do many others, appreciate my representation? Because my staff and I recognize that going through a divorce, child custody dispute or other family law matter can be stressful, emotionally difficult, expensive and trying, we believe you deserve the highest level of excellence and personal service possible. When you choose the Law Office of Jon R. Boyd. to represent you, we will take an interest in you as an individual, not just as a faceless “file.”

At Law Office of Jon R. Boyd., we believe in listening to your concerns, answering your questions, determining the best way to help you get the outcome you deserve, explaining these options to you in understandable, everyday language, giving you our recommendations and then doing our very best to accomplish the result you want and deserve.

-You’ll Receive Personal, Prompt Attention and Updates

Jon R. Boyd, along with his highly experienced paralegal and legal assistant, are available to work with you personally. We never subject you to phone treesa real person will answer your calls and assist you. Your calls and e-mails are monitored daily and questions answered promptly. We keep you constantly informed about the progress and status of your case by promptly sending you copies of everything we send or receive and by calling or emailing you about events occurring in your case. We are able to handle almost any case, no matter how large or difficult. Yet, we are small enough that you will have the sympathetic ear of an attorney and staff who know you and are familiar with your case.

-We are Centrally Located and Easily Accessible

With my office situated at the border of Plano and Frisco on Dallas Parkway at Tennyson Parkway, just south of Hwy 121 /Sam Rayburn Tollway and just five miles north of George Bush Tollway, I am uniquely situated to easily provide services in all DFW metroplex counties. While the majority of my cases are in Collin, Denton, Dallas and Tarrant Counties, I am frequently asked to represent and do handle clients’ matters in other area cities and counties in the DFW Metroplex such as Grayson, Rockwall, Wise, and Kaufman Counties and also across the state, including Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding area, Tyler, El Paso, The Valley, and in numerous smaller, rural counties across Texas. I don’t mind traveling to wherever you need me.


If you need an excellent family law Attorney who will shoot straight with you, call 972-381-2727 or contact us now to talk to me or one of my staff or to schedule an initial consultation for in my office or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you.