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Is It Safe to Come to Our Office in Person? Yes!

Boyd Family Law Dec. 29, 2021

We are in the Pier One building which is professionally managed and secured. Building management is taking extreme precautions about Covid 19: enforcing social distancing in the elevators and hallways, providing hand sanitizers at all entrances and personnel all wearing face masks.

Here at CottenSchmidt on the 20th floor, we likewise are taking every precaution as well. We are an “essential business” and have been operating under restrictions and safety protocols since this began. We provide hand sanitizers and social distancing. We have a strict policy about isolation of any employees if there is any question about our health. Many of the staff and some of the attorneys are still working remotely.

However, I am still available to meet with you in person at our office. We have a very large conference room where we can remain properly distanced. Or, I am still also available by phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or the like.

Your choice. Stay safe and let me know if I can help.

Jon R. Boyd