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Jon R. Boyd, B.B.A., J.D., is a Dallas native. He obtained his undergraduate degree in business administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, graduated with a law degree from the University of Houston, and has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1979.

Child Custody Attorney Dispels Common Myths

If you are the parent of a minor child, and you are contemplating divorce, one of your biggest concerns is likely who will be awarded custody of your child after the divorce. Ideally, the parents of a minor child are able to resolve the issue of custody amicably without the need for protracted, and often contentious, litigation. If you have never been through a divorce involving children before, however, you likely have questions and concerns about your rights and […]

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Plano Divorce Lawyer Explains Spousal Support

While there is no doubt that divorce is a very emotional process, the financial ramifications of a divorce are also often significant. Along with the division of debts and assets, one spouse is often ordered to pay child support for the couple’s minor child. In some divorces, spousal support may also be requested and ultimately ordered as part of the divorce settlement or award. If you are contemplating a divorce in the State of Texas, you may find the […]

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Do I Need a Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer?

Typically, at the end of a civil lawsuit, the judge enters an order reflecting the decisions agreed upon and/or made by the court in the case and the parties are then bound by that order going forward. In other words, that’s the end of the matter. Divorce, however, is frequently an exception to that general rule. While the court does enter an order at the end of the case which includes all the terms of the divorce, and both […]

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Plano Child Custody Lawyer Explains How to Enforce a Parenting Agreement

As part of the divorce process, the parents of a minor child are required to resolve a number of issues related to the child. Typically, this includes things such as who will be the Managing Conservator of the child, when the other parent will be able to spend parenting time with the child (known as “possession and access” in Texas), and how the financial responsibility for the care and maintenance of the child will be handled. All of this […]

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Plano Fathers Rights Attorneys Explain the Ins and Outs of Custody

Anytime the parents of a minor child decide to separate or get divorced, the child will feel the impact of that decision. In a perfect world, the parents are able to reach an amicable out of court agreement that allows both parents to continue to be an active part of raising the child post-divorce. Unfortunately, the world is not always perfect. Sometimes, parents end up in a contentious battle over custody of the child. Moreover, the issue of custody […]

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